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Perhaps the first salon/gallery/event space combo, Serendipity is a welcoming, carefully curated space in which life and art happen!

Serendipity is the result of the various interests and work of Elizabeth Jordheim. What began as a solo hair salon with a small space to create her own visual art, has now evolved into a full-blown gallery and retail shop, representing many artists. Elizabeth has a B.A. in Art, painting, an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, Art and Early Childhood teaching certifications, and is a licensed cosmetologist.
So, artist, educator, hairstylist, gallery owner, event hostess…
a woman who is never bored.
One can find beautiful fine art and fine crafts to purchase, view a large-scale showing, attend a music or theater event, rent the space for their own gathering, attend art classes and workshops, and/or… get their hair done!

Goat Yoga of Missouri

Goat Yoga of MO focuses on fun! We are passionate and committed to helping communities to reduce stress and bring joy to their souls. Get ready for an unexpected experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and with a smile on your face.

Second Chance

Second Chance was founded in 1985 as a privately-funded organization dedicated to rehoming unwanted animals. Since then, they’ve grown into the largest animal rescue organization in mid-Missouri and have helped match countless pets with their perfect families. they are only able to care for more animals year after year due to the support of our foster families, donors and volunteers. 

Lizzi & Rocco’s

Lizzi and Rocco’s is your destination for the best in pet nutrition, wellness products, treats, toys and other supplies for the canines and felines in your life. Your pet’s health and well-being is our number one priority, and the quality of products we offer reflects that.

The idea of the DogMaster was conceived during Van’s college years. Whenever a member of his tight-knit group of friends did his own thing, such as staying home to study or going on a date, instead of hanging with the boys, he was labeled The DogMaster. This independent spirit has taken Van on many adventures, and along the way, he picked up a “partner in crime,” his wife, Lisa.

The birth of the distillery was a natural progression for the Renaissance couple who were growing weary of the typical daily grind and describe themselves as rat pack meets rockabilly. Crafting high-quality New American Spirits is a job they take seriously, but the atmosphere they intend to create is not serious at all. DogMaster Distillery combines the industrial feel of a traditional manufacturing facility with the relaxing feel of your best friend’s back deck. It’s a friendly place to enjoy a well-crafted cocktail — and to pick up a bottle to take home.

Van and Lisa look forward to providing Columbia with fine spirits mixed with their own special ingredients: a little love and a lot of laughter.


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