Sarah has been practicing yoga for nearly two decades and has been a certified yoga instructor for several years. She believes yoga can be practiced nearly anywhere and started Sarah’s Studio to create pop-up yoga classes throughout the Columbia, MO community. She’s taught classes in coffee shops, essential oil stores, gyms, parks, workplaces, private homes, and farms. Her practice focuses on the mind/body connection, mindfulness, and highlights Hatha and gentle yoga styles.

Sarah’s Teaching Style

Her yoga sessions encourage you to listen to your body. Each pose has options for being as relaxing or challenging as you’d like. Practice as gently or adventurously as you choose, taking breaks whenever you need. 

She teaches primarily from her mat so you can see her. It can be reassuring to know where to look when looking for feedback – you won’t have to search the room to find her. There are usually a few times during the session she’ll come around to see how you are doing, which she announces beforehand. Those moments when she walks around give you a chance to express any questions and comments privately. 

She gives instructions that are simple and concise. Between cues are quiet pauses to give you opportunities to hear your intuition so you can practice in a way that honors your experience.

As much as a space allows:

She aims for pleasant lighting and creating a peaceful ambience. Soft, comfortable lighting removes the feeling of being under a spotlight and promotes relaxation.

Entrances and exits are clearly visible, fostering a sense of security and comfort even in a public space.

There are no mirrors, which lets you focus on the feeling and experience of each pose without focusing on a preconceived idea of how it should look. 

Room temperature is cozy during winter and cooling during summer. Not too cold, not too hot, it’s just right.

Yoga sessions with Sarah are suitable for everyone, including highly sensitive people (HSP), those with anxiety, and empaths. Find her yoga sessions in Columbia, MO, and throughout Missouri.

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