Why You Should Do Yoga at 80% Effort

Perhaps you’ve heard this cue, “Practice with no more than 80% effort.”

All month long, we’ll highlight this cue and its importance. We’ll explain how it protects your joints, muscles, and promotes more self-compassion.

It is also one of the best cues to keep in mind if you are hypermobile.

Thursday, August 4th;
Thursday, August 11th;
Thursday, August 18th;
& Thursday, August 25th

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Sessions are priced per class or as a bundle*.


Lead by Sarah Judd @sarahsyogastudio
Hosted by Serendipity Salon and Gallery by Elizabeth Jordheim

Please bring your own yoga mat and any additional desired props.

All sessions are touch-free.

Street parking (metered until 7 pm) or free parking in the lot just east of Serendipity

Please RSVP/pay in advance to attend

*Bundle pricing: $50 for all 4 sessions

Venmo @SarahsYogaStudio

Paypal per session pricing options (SAUG22)

Attend only the sessions you are interested in with the per session pricing option One yoga session $15 Paypal transaction fee $1.05


Bundle pricing: $50 for all 4 sessions (SAUG22)

Attend all four sessions for a discount Four yoga sessions $50 Paypal transaction fee $2.32


Sarah Judd is a yoga instructor based in Columbia, MO. Her teaching style highlights a slow flow, with each pose held for a few breaths before moving into the next one. Her yoga sessions are touch-free, giving students autonomy to explore the poses and discover what feels best for their bodies. Her sessions encourage mindfulness, and body and breath awareness, which are beneficial for overall wellbeing on the yoga mat and in day-to-day life.

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